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The Hot Air Balloon

How nice it’d be to evade traffic,

to sail through the winds 

with ease and comfort.

How nice it’d be to evade roadtaxes and pollution,

to sit in your own hot air balloon

 and take to the skies. 

How nice it’d be, 

to carry whatever you wished,

food, games, books, or maybe a friend,

perhaps someone you cherish…

How nice it’d be,

to ride across the horizon,

gazing at the scenery.

How nice it’d be, 

to make new memories, 

whether you’re lonely,

or with company. 

How nice it’d be,

to travel without limits,

with freedom comes imagination

to go wherever your heart leads.

How nice it’d be,

to fly pass the trees,

and hear their leaves,

rustling gently in the summer winds. 

How nice it’d be

to navigate places with thee.

But bottomline is…

How nice it’d be to have a homing signal,

to fly straight 

to the depths of your heart, 

wherever you may be. 


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Feelings remain

When dusk arrives

Its just me

You’re gone, for tonight

How I wish

I could stay

In your arms

And hold tight…

But I…

Have made faults,

And errs,

beyond forgiving;

and I wonder

if you’ll ever

forgive me…

It hurts me so, much to know

soon we’ll be apart, for months to come…

Even though, I believe

and pray everyday…

That you’ll be safe, as I gaze

at the stars, of the night,

come what may, but you’ll brace the day

with might…

And even though, I believe

I’ll make it through, somehow,

but my heart’s wear and tear,

broken, shattered and bare,

waiting for, the very next,

time we meet, even if

its far away, out of reach,

I’ll wait, till you reach. 

And even so, when life’s a pain,

I recall, all the times,

we made happy, memories,

that shall never cease. 

As I live, through my days,

I hope and try, hard as I may,

not to upset, or to hurt,

darling your, beloved heart. 

And so I try, to not let go,

without you, my heart is stone.

And even if, you’re far away

I’ll go wherever you are…

In search of love, hope and truth,

Forgiveness, if that’s what it costs,

to keep us through, life’s ups and downs;

but I love you 

more than anything 

else my dear

worth living, 

but when its dark,

and I’m alone, 

it’s all cold…

Without warmth.

But I’m here, still waiting…

Hoping you’ll be happy.

Every night, 

I try to forget

all the bad things everyone’s said.

And I keep believing

though tears are rolling

on my flesh

I’ll keep on trying. 

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The big spoon and the small spoon

It doesn’t mean that if you’re male, you have to be that dominant figure in a relationship. It also doesn’t mean that if you’re female, you have to take on a submissive role in the same relationship.

In a relationship there is no gender bias; there is only initiative

If you are not willing to take the first step to do something, don’t expect your partner to always be the one doing it for you.

Take initiative. 

A relationship is built on two-way effort. Don’t expect him to be the one who always hugs you from behind and gives you pats when you’re upset or stressed; treat him just the same and give him strength when he is having his fair share of life’s sours. 

A relationship is all about opening your heart to just love one another for who they are; that person who is before you, with all their bedhair and messy pajamas, that’s the person you will wake up to everyday knowing that regardless of how much of a ragamuffin you’d resemble, that person would love you nonetheless because you mean the world to that person that they wouldn’t even bear to part with you.

A relationship is about learning to take the lead sometimes. He may want to be protected too – guys are only human with feelings as well, not just women…they, too, want to be loved and cared about. And it’s never weird to let him snuggle against your chest or let him lay his head on your shoulder or lap to sleep wherever you may be; on a long bus journey or while lying in bed…let him show his soft side to you because he trusts you so much and has only opened up to you and no one else

So embrace what you have before you. And take initiative.


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Short stories 002

Whether you’re retarded or pretty, I’ll still love you all the same.

Those were the words I needed to hear sometimes;

those were the words…the consonants amd vowels that echoed a phrase of unconditional love that resounded as a melody to me…

And those were the words that you said to me…


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Each and every

Each dusk, a seperation.

Each dawn, a new beginning.

Each day, a new hope of living. 

Each failure, a chance to try again. 

Each mistake, an opportunity to learn.

Each memory, a time to remember. 

Each yesterday, a regret of something that you hadn’t done, and that you would do today. 

Each time we tried, each time we learn, and each time we’ll grow stronger. 

Every second, a moment to cherish;

every distance, an extra mile,

every effort, for that smile…

For which I longed to see, at the end of the journey…

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Loving you for who you are

Then I’ll just learn to love everything about you …

 This manga is somewhat relatable…despite the fact that you feel you are flawed, but to me babe, you are a shining diamond among the flawed stones. 

You may not see it but everything you do for me is significant and I care a lot about you and I just wanna hug you all the time cuz I love you so much♡

Thanks for cooking for me knowing I was starving and had a long day baby♡ I will always appreciate your efforts~